Hamiltonhill Family Learning Centre
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Capacity and Enrolment


Child Places: -

0 to 2-year-old places – 21

2 to 3-year-old places- 25

3 to 5-year-old places- 40

A maximum of 86 children can attend the setting at one time.

We offer both term time and 52-week places. 1140 hours is allocated in block sessions.

Places are allocated in full time and part time sessions.

Child places are allocated at the admissions panel.

Applications for a place can be made at any time at the centre and these will all be considered at an admissions panel meeting, during which places will be allocated using Glasgow City Council’s Admissions and Charging Policy for Early Years. Emergency admissions may be considered on a temporary basis, depending on circumstances and needs.

Further details on the admission process can be found here.

Please click here for an application form.


If a place has been allocated for your child. The Head of Centre will contact you to offer the place. If you accept the place a date and time will be arranged to come in to the nursery to visit and complete the necessary paper work. As part of the enrolment process the nursery arranges to visit you and your child at home. This is to promote building positive relationships with keyworker and your child in environment that they comfortable. After the home visit we will arrange for your child to begin to settle within the nursery. The settling in process is different for each child and family. We recommend that there is at least a two-week settling in time.