Hamiltonhill Family Learning Centre
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Safe in the sun



During outdoor play, it is essential that the children are protected from the harmful effects of the sun.  Therefore, we follow guidance and legislation (Management Circular 33) which must be adhered to at all times. If the UV level is above 3 we ask you to:

  • apply sun protection cream before your child’s session at nursery (Cancer research recommends above factor 15)
  • Provide a lightweight, long sleeved garment for outdoor play.

In the centre we will:

  • Re-apply sun protection cream (factor 50) throughout the day.
  • Ensure all children have a sun hat with neck protection.
  • Put a long, sleeved garment on for outdoor play.
  • Ensure children are indoors or in shaded area’s between 11am and 3pm when UV level is above 3.

If you require any more information please ask for a copy of our Sun Protection Policy.

NHS advice to keep children safe in the sun can be found here